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M&J Logistics approached us to give their current website a brand new look and something a little better on the eye to better advertise their business and attract new customers. M&J also wanted some of their previous website still used on their new website, such as the pictures of the vans you see above and other images that were used on their old website. They also wanted to keep their current logo, however their logo was very faded, blurred and wasn't looking great on different screen resolutions, so the first thing we aimed to do was sharpen up the logo and take all the blur away but still keep the original look. As you can see on the image above and their website we've managed to do that.

After speaking with M&J in great detail about what they wanted their new website to include, we got to know they just wanted simplicity with a blue and white colour scheme like their previous website. There is not much content at all to go onto the website so we had to try and build a simple looking website that looked as though it had enough content. All M&J wanted was to describe in detail what their business can offer and have contact details easily accessible to all potential customers. We definitely achieved this by giving them a services page that highlights their different services, as welll as adding their contact details to the headers (top) of every page, meaning their customers will never need to look too far to find how to get in touch with M&J.

One of the biggest things that M&J wanted to achieve with their new website was to have it found on search engines, as they have had their current website for over 3 years and have never been ranked on any search engine. So as we built the website we did what we always do, SEO built in (basically we work with the coding to allow top search engines to find what the website is about) so their website will be better found by search engines. M&J also took out our customer care package meaning we will look after their website all year round (any changes they want or need will be taken care of immediatly at no extra cost) plus we will continue to work with their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on a weekly basis getting them even better results on search engines.

We have definitely achieved these results for M&J as after the first month of working with their SEO they are now appearing on the first page of Google and Bing when typing in relevant keywords. Not only did we seem to succeed in everything M&J had requested we went above and beyond our services to help M&J really bring their business to the world of the internet, We also got them a professional email account that is linked to the domain of their website, M&J were using a Hotmail account which doesn't look professional in a business. So now when sending and receiving emails they have that great professional look right across their business. We also met with M&J to get all their emails and website forms to be sent directly to relevant business mobile phones, so this way when any staff members of M&J logistics are out making their deliveries they will never miss the opportunity of another delivery from new potential customers. All this was done in one brilliant low price for M&J and all the added little extras we provided was given to them for free just because we value our customers and want to provide the best possible service.