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G6 Designs has always thrived on helping other businesses and companies make it on the World Wide Web, we enjoy what we do which means we put our all into getting you the best results possible and we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. So if you would like a beautiful, fresh looking and results driven website then you are at the right place, our testimonials speak volumes. Any web service you require we can offer whether it be Web Design Services, Ecommerce Services, Website Hosting, Social Media Integration, Managing Your Website or Branding Services we have got you covered. G6 Designs can design and develop a website for you, or if you have a design in mind we will develop that exact design for you. As well as all the services you could want we also offer free honest advice and our prices cannot be be beaten for the service you will receive. Contact us for more information or free honest advice.

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We initially started working with Ben Tallon several years ago after he contacted us asking for some SEO work doing on his websites as it was not getting many hits. So we started working with Ben and his website to get him more hits on the search engines. Ben took out our top care package which included us looking after all aspects of the website and making any changes he required as well as weekly SEO optimisation work. We got Ben's website the results he wanted and this progressed to further work from Ben.

After working together for around 18 months he then got in touch and asked if we could build him a brand new website with some very particular software to drive the website and make his work load much easier. Ben's old website was built through wordpress and this as good as it can be has its restrictions, also when you start installing software many are subscription based and can be quite pricey. So Ben had asked us to bring him away from this and have software built especially for him and his website that was a one off payment.

So as always G6 Designs happily existed and started the work with Ben, he actually brought his partner into the job as she is a graphic designer, so Laura Hawkins Design worked closely with us and sent over the designs of how she wanted the website to look and how the software should behave. It was a great job and brilliant to pair with such professionals in Ben and Laura Hawkins Design. The job took several months due to the size of the build and the software required, however the feedback off Laura and Ben at the end of the job was just what we wanted to hear. They had expressed how they never thought that every minro detail they required would be possible, they thought that in some areas they would have to make changes as it wouldnt be possible. 

We enjoyed building this website ourselves and opened up all new areas for us as a company as well, as always with every customer, we like to ensure their is no limits in what you can have your website do when using our software and web development services. It certianly opened the eys of Ben and Laura to having software custom built can be a pricey intial layout but saves you so much money over the years.

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